Health workforce development

Humans are the most valuable resources we have when it comes to fighting disease and improving health. They can be nimble, efficient, and brilliant. But they can also be overworked, undersupervised, and lacking in up-to-date knowledge and skills. That’s why we use strong human resources management and efficient processes to make sure skilled, motivated health workers are in the right place, at the right time.

Our key approaches include:

  • Using health workforce data for stronger recruitment, deployment, and management, and to rationalize health facility staffing
  • Using digital health platforms for faster, more effective two-way communications with health workers
  • Developing and estimating the costs of evidence-based incentive packages and strategies to retain health workers
  • Analyzing data to improve health worker performance and productivity


Selected Achievements

Trained 31 community representatives on advocacy and civic engagement in Senegal.


Trained 297 local elected officials and members of 63 health development committees on their roles and responsibilities in health management in Senegal.


Helped develop operational plans for 85 communities and workplans for 6 health districts in medical regions in the Kolda and Sedhiou regions of Senegal.


Deployed iHRIS—our free, open source software for managing health workforce information—in 28 countries, resulting in huge cost savings and data for decision-making.


Helped Uganda add over 7,200 new health workers to its health system by helping the health sector use powerful health workforce data to advocate for greater funding from the Uganda Parliament.


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