The government of Nepal is committed to improving health in their country by achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and following the National Health Sector Strategy 2015–2021. The Ministry of Health aims to improve maternal, child health, and family planning services, and to provide reliable, accurate, and up-to-date data. While Nepal has made significant progress in these areas, the maternal death rate is still high at 186 deaths per 100,000 live births

IntraHealth has worked with Nepal to decrease maternal mortality rates, including by helping develop the government’s skilled birth attendant strategy. And in 2019, we committed to improving Nepal’s data systems through the World Health Organization-funded Support for Capacity Building to Manage Nepal Health Workforce Registry and HR MIS using IntraHealth's free, open source iHRIS software, which helps countries around the world track and manage their health workforce data. This three-month award builds the functionality of an existing iHRIS in Nepal for use by five health professional councils, ensuring interoperability among systems and better services for mothers and children.

Selected Achievements

Enabled the Nepal Health Workforce Registry to share data with 5 Nepal health council systems
Helped 202 postpartum women understand and use a family planning method in Nepal.
Trained 39 project stakeholders and software developers in Nepal on iHRIS development