Accelerating Support to Advanced Local Partners II (ASAP II)

Accelerating Support to Advanced Local Partners II (ASAP II) builds on the successes of ASAP I and rapidly prepares local organizations and government entities to have the capabilities and resources to serve as prime partners for USAID and US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) programming.

ASAP I & II are funded by the US Agency for International Development and PEPFAR. The 20-month ASAP II project will provide technical assistance to local organizations that demonstrate capabilities to implement PEPFAR programs independently within 12–18 months and help USAID achieve its goal of providing 70% of its PEPFAR funding to local prime partners by 2025.

ASAP Resources

COP22/FY23 Expenditure Reporting Webinar

This webinar will provide an overview of the FY23 HRH Inventory reporting tool, submission process, and timeline. The webinar will review the Excel-based template, example staffing scenarios, and...

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DRC Business Development Workshops


Introductions: Dans le cadre de ses actions de renforcement des capacites, ASAPII...

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Practical Application GIS Methods and Tools

Practical Application GIS Methods & Tools to Guide Spatial Targeting & Micro Planning

This webinar reviews GIS practical applications, including understanding GIS data required and data preparation...

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Advanced Analytics for Data-Driven Decision-Making and Action

This webinar reviews dashboard analytics for monitoring program performance and prioritization of interventions and resources. We will review advanced analytics to guide action, multivariable analysis...

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Développement des affaires (Business Development) Meilleures pratiques

Développement des affaires: Partage des meilleures pratiques de la Préparation au RFA (demande d’application ) à l’après soumission d’une opportunité financière

Cette session est conçue pour renforcer...

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Bringing Program Data to Life: Data Processing & PowerBI

This webinar covers how to process data from source to review and reporting. It includes a tutorial of program monitoring through data visualization in PowerBI. 

Presenter: Andres Montaner - Senior M&E...

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Visualizations for Effective Program Performance Tracking

This webinar covers business requirements, recording procedure for data processing and visualizations, as well as pros and cons of different data visualizations. Presenter: Andres Montaner - Senior M...

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Desenvolvimento de Negócios - RFA até a Pós-Submissão

Filmed on March 2, 2023.

Desenvolvimento de Negócios: Melhores Práticas desde a Pré solicitação de Pedidos de Candidatura (RFA) até a Pós-Submissão

Este webinar (anteriormente realizado em inglês) é...

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Building Highly Effective Boards - Webinar

This USAID/ASAP II webinar focuses on the leadership, effectiveness, roles, behaviors, and outcomes of developing a board that will provide guidance, oversight, and sustainability for your...

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PEPFAR Submission Resources & ER Template

Scroll down for the tutorial on USAID's PEPFAR DATIM Zendesk Resources & Expenditure Reporting Template Completion

Use chapters to navigate the tutorial:
00:00 Navigating the Resources on DATIM...

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